Tax advisor who is authorized by the Department of the Treasury of the United States.


CAC TAX LLC you will always have a quality service and based on everything you declare to us.


We will represent any taxpayer before the IRS and defend their status and resolve any kind of conflict as required by law.

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We are a company providing business services and consultancy (accounting, payroll, tax advice). CAC TAX aims to always offer the best service based on the interest of its clients. The management and economic and social development of a company are supported by clear and evolving accounting, but also by compliance with tax and labor legislation.

CAC TAX guarantees all its clients clarity, objectivity, and positive projection. The entrepreneur, the manager, or the administrator need their control panels all the time in order to make the necessary decisions knowing with certainty the desired minimum outcome.

With CAC TAX LLC you will always have a quality service based on everything you declare to us.


Represents you in audits, seizures, or any other problem with the IRS, whether personal, business-related, and more…


CAC TAX LLC offers bookkeeping services. CAC TAX LLC offers a complete bookkeeping management service to its clients which includes:




Preparation and Filing of Taxes

Representation Before the IRS

Company Registration in the U.S.A.

Business Plan


We have created a list of frequently asked questions about taxes and tax obligations to provide you with immediate answers. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will find the answer you need.

Carlos Catarino

Owner and Founder


I am Carlos A. Catarino, I am a Registered Agent (EA) with the Internal Revenue Service IRS.

What is a registered agent (EA)? A registered agent is a licensed person who is federally authorized by the Department of the Treasury to defend and negotiate any tax and fiscal litigation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) inside and outside the United States.

I am also an expert consultant in socioeconomic development with twenty-six years of experience, which allows me to offer pragmatic knowledge to any entrepreneur who wants to take their company to higher levels of income, socioeconomic or strategic position.

In the economy, there are three types of entrepreneurs: 1) Entrepreneurs, 2) Indecisive, and 3) Artisans. Depending on the situation of each of them, their economic development also depends. It is useless to want something if we do not clearly know what we want. That is why, in each type of entrepreneur, there are: Captains, Leaders, and Followers.

If you want to know more or have a personalized consultation, you can contact me by scheduling your appointment now.

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