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Yes. The income tax law says that: anyone who received an income above $ 3950.00 must file a tax return.

A Social Security number or tax identification number (ITIN) is needed

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You will receive it within 6 weeks to 6 months.

No, if you do not reside in the USA for more than 180 days in the year, you do not have to declare your income from other countries. Contact us for detailed professional advice on this rule.

Click on the link to see the table of personal Federal taxes.

Tax levels vary in all 51 states. Click on the link to see the table of personal State taxes. In the States of Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming there is no need to pay personal taxes at the State level.

If you do not reside in that State, you do not have to pay taxes at the State level.
No. But it may be convenient for you to declare your Federal personal taxes to recover a large part of the 35% mandatory corporate retention.


Florida: 5 Days, – Texas: 5 Days, – California: 4 Weeks

In contrast to other countries, in the USA there is not the minimum amount of capital to open a company.

No, everything can be handled electronically. If you wish, you can make an appointment in our offices with us.

You can use Corp, Corporation, Inc., Incorporated, or Company.

Yes, you need an address in the United States to create a corporation or LLC.
The address can not be a PO Box or Postal Box.
If you need an address in the United States, CAC Tax Consulting can help you obtain an address in the USA with our “Virtual Office” service.

You will receive it in 5 to 10 business days after the company was created.

Non-resident persons or entities (companies / companies) can be part of a C corporation or an LLC, but can not be part of a S corporation.

The EIN (Employer Identification Number) is a number that consists of nine digits (for example, 12-3456789) issued to sole proprietors of a business, corporations, partnerships, hereditary funds, trusts and other commercial entities for tax purposes of declaration and Radiation

• Establish a new business
• Hire employees, including domestic employees
• Open a company bank account
• Changed the kind of organization
• Establish a pension plan as plan administrator
• If you are a foreign entity you need an EIN to comply with the IRS withholding rules
• If you are a withholding agent of income taxes not derived from the payment of wages and payments to a foreigner (for example, individual, corporation, partnership, etc.)
• If it is an LLC (limited liability company) with only one member
• If it is a small S-type corporation (S corporation)

Generally, you will receive it in 24 hours.

The person needs a social security number (SSN) or an ITIN For people who do not meet these requirements, you can contact us.

You can open the company as a single owner, or have more partners.

Yes. A company may own another C corporation or an LLC, but not an S corporation.

This service is not offered for reasons of safety and professional ethics.

We give you all the necessary documents:
• Articles of Incorporation or Organization.
In addition to these documents, you only need a meat identification (driver’s license, passport …) Note: bank accounts can usually be opened with $ 100.

Corporations and LLC’s have to be renewed every year and costs vary between states. Example in the State of Florida is $ 150. For renewal assistance of your company, we can also help you.

The State will close the company.

The LLC or Corporación-S does not pay taxes at the corporate level, but on a personal level.
Please see personal tax table.
Note: if any of the owners is not a resident of the USA, the LLC or Corporation must retain 35% of the profits as collateral until that person prepares their personal taxes at the Federal level.

Tax levels vary in all 51 states. In some states it is not charged, Florida…

When you sell products within the State in which your company is registered you must register to collect sales taxes and pay these collections to the State on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Yes, in most cases, please contact us.

Usually on March 15. But this may vary depending on your fiscal year.

The Federal Government calculates the taxes on the profits of the company.
Note: All global revenues must be declared.

21% everything depends on your activity the number of employees

These are what some States collect (the percentage may vary depending on the county or city in which your client is located)
•Florida sales tax rate 6 %.
•Texas sales tax rate 6.25 %.
•California sales tax rate 8.25 %.
•New York sales tax rate 8.875 %.
I need a company to buy from local wholesalers and sell abroad.

It is correct, but you have to have a certificate of tax exemption.

To buy as a wholesaler and not pay these sales taxes, you have to register with the State to collect sales tax. Please contact us to begin the process.
How long does it take to receive the certificate to collect sales taxes?
You will receive your number in 24 hours and the book of 10 to 15 days.

No, the invoices are not numbered by the government. You can use your own format and numbering.

Yes there is no problem.

Yes, and this person needs to have an SSN and work permit.

Yes, they would be employed under the laws of that foreign country. This can be used as an expense for the North American company.

Depredation and fixed assets and real estate arrangements can be used to lower company taxes and protection for owners in the event of a lawsuit.

Generally companies do not need any license to export, unless it is a restricted product (armament, some chemicals…)

We can assist you in drafting and sending dissolution articles to the State.

Yes. We can assist you in drafting and sending the articles of the amendment to the State.

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