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Human Resources and Payroll

CAC TAX LLC offers a full payroll service. We know that without a consistent payroll there can be no employees or service providers and that is why we have also added the Human Resources service to our Payroll service. CAC TAX LLC helps you avoid a number of actions that can be disastrous in your company / business. See:


The IRS view of employers who do not pay payroll taxes is a capital sin of crime. Since those taxes are 50% the deductions made to their employees in each payment made. Not paying those payroll taxes is equivalent to stealing money from your employees’ money under the IRS’s gaze.

As a result, the penalties for not reversing those payroll taxes or / and not making the filing of your payroll withholding statements on time are much more serious than other types of penalties. The IRS can multiply dramatically the amount your company owes in a very short time. If you are behind in the payment of payroll taxes for your company, BEWARE! The IRS is recognized for pursuing and extremely aggressive to recover this type of tax. The IRS prefers to take advantage of its business / business assets, and close its business and sell its assets in an auction and / or put its business under control, which allows it to continue accumulating additional payroll tax liabilities.
CAC TAX LLC will allow you to be always up to date with your declarations and annual, quarterly and / or monthly payments. Our clients do not have delays in payments and mandatory declarations to the IRS.
The Payroll service is the following:

Preparation and opening of payrol

Preparation of payments and checks

Payroll Registry

Preparation of statements (form 94x)

Preparation W-2 - W-3, 1099...